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Hitlist® notebooks are designed for daily use with a quality fountain pen: my preference for writing and drawing. The special text stock has virtually no “feathering” or “bleed through”. The cover is tear resistant, even in the most extreme environments– you can take them almost anywhere.

The purpose of the white bar along the spine is to record the subject and dates of when the book was used. This information can then be accessed even when the books are banded together. My favorite feature is what I call the “CTF dock” located at the top of the front cover. Sometimes, I don’t have a shirt pocket to hold my fountain pen (e.g., tuxedo) and do not want to clip it into a thick jacket pocket. I find it convenient to clip the pen into the dock, then insert the pen and book together into my pocket. This prevents the pen from sliding sideways off the cover. I also like to dock my pen, then lay the book near the fine beverage I may be enjoying, while taking a break from writing or drawing.

Ultimately, I hope you find the Hitlist® useful for recording your daily activities, ideas, goals, and dreams. Then, collect your books and pass them to whomever you pass your pens to, so they can enjoy some of your history.

Curtis (CTF) Roper

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